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To be more precise, why do you need an original logo.

You could sell fruit on a cart. Without a name on it. You will sell some (or all of it) anyway. Or you could be running an electronics store – without a name, and still people might buy your stuff.

But this way, you are selling products – that’s it. If you plan on trading products and earning a small margin on each sale, you do not need a logo, or even a name. You will do just fine.

But if you plan on building this giant business (or even a small giant business) you need a good name, a great logo and some top-notch branding.

An original logo does the following things to you and your business.

It gives your business a distinctive outlook. People talk about good logos; they feel good when they understand the hidden meaning behind an logo. At times they like to flaunt their smartness by telling their friends about it. This way, they also form a cozy bond with your brand.

An original logo inspires you, every day, to do better. A logo created (keeping in mind your business, your vision, your values, your target audience and their behaviors) eventually becomes the torch bearer of of your business and thrusts your energies ahead.

A ‘right’ logo created according to your specific needs is easy to adapt to different media and helps in creating a uniform brand outlook throughout your business communications.

An original logo is legally your property, which means you can ban others from using it. This is not possible in the case of logos copied from the internet, in which scenario, others can ban you from using it.