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Free Logo Design

Many entrepreneurs search Google for “free logo design” for their startups. They pick a free logo maker website and select a logo from the many options generated by a computer program. They do not realize that a free logo can cost you dearly in the future.

Free logos are great for outfits that don’t expect to grow much. But for a business that aspires to become a great brand, free logo is the last thing to go for. The creator of the logo can knock your door anytime and ask for a hefty amount. Businesses that are serious about succeeding always go with a professionally designed logo that is made keeping in mind your location, size, target audience, vision and dozens of other factors. And is your property. A logo designed specially for your business is more efficient and apt for your business.

A free logo design might look good, but it’s rarely efficient for your business. Here’s the difference between a good looking logo and the right logo for your business. Free logos are not created with you or your business in mind. They are for everybody. So, its very much possible that the logo you selected is already being used by seven other companies.

How much does an original logo cost?

There are designers who charge as low as a few thousand rupees for a logo and designers who charge in lacs. There are branding agencies around the world that charge millions!

How to select a logo designer / branding agency?

Google. Explore the search results and look at the pricing and portfolio. At a startup level you want to be cost effective. If your budget is anywhere to the tune of 10,000/- you can get a world class logo design (with options and revisions) here.

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The writer of this blog is an advertising professional with over ten years of experience working on brands including Sony, Philips, HBO and Taj Hotels to name a few.

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