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A place to to discuss your business, ask for help and generally get an idea about how to go about starting a small scale business in a small town and making it successful with market research, planning, branding and promotions.

Why do you need a logo anyway!

To be more precise, why do you need an original logo. You could sell fruit on a cart. Without a name on it. You will sell some (or all of it) anyway. Or you could be running an electronics store - without a name, and still people might buy your stuff. But this way,...

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Icons and Logos

While studying logo design in college, we often argued about the differences between icons and logos, but we could almost never reach on a clear-cut consensus. But over the last few years, the difference has become very stark. Here are my very simple observations on...

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9 Things a startup must do!

1. Fill a gap in the market. Do not sell popcorn if everybody is selling popcorn. Sell what people would love to have with popcorn, after popcorn, or before popcorn. Mineral water? Softdrinks? Ice cream? Or is there a shake you can invent. Find opportunity in the...

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How to test a copied logo? [Four Steps]

There are 657 billion images uploaded on the internet. Per year. According to a survey done in 2014. The total number of humans living on the planet is only 7 billion. So, even if just a few thousand of these images are logos, a copied logo is hard to detect. Unless...

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Free Logo Design: A Suicide Note

Free Logo Design Many entrepreneurs search Google for "free logo design" for their startups. They pick a free logo maker website and select a logo from the many options generated by a computer program. They do not realize that a free logo can cost you dearly in the...

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Beautiful v/s Right Logo Design

It's not necessary that beautiful logo design will also be the best logo design for your brand. Following is a cute looking swirly thing that you might consider as your brand logo, but this is not the right kind of logo if you are brick manufacturer. Or a hunter, for...

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Mistakes Startup Companies Make

First years are for mistakes. And as a startup, you are going to make many mistakes. At least you don't have to make the following ones. Going after money in the first year First years are the golden years when a startup toils and learns its lessons. First years are...

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Seven Habits to Build a Profitable Small Business

Considering that 8 out of 10 new business fail within the first 12 months of inception, it becomes imperative for you to inculcate habits that help establish a profitable small business. Habits that increase your chances of making it in the competitive marketplace....

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