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It’s not necessary that beautiful logo design will also be the best logo design for your brand.

Following is a cute looking swirly thing that you might consider as your brand logo, but this is not the right kind of logo if you are brick manufacturer. Or a hunter, for that matter. With all its curves and a rather feminine color scheme, it doesn’t just fit right for certain businesses. I am not the guy who attaches pink to women and blue to men. But you got to be brilliant to craft those things that defy all logic. Also, I am also not the guy who breaks rules for the heck of it. There’s a reason why nobody names their son – Pooja.

Sample stock logo design

This logo / icon might work alright for a salon, a web browser or a selfie-app etc. It’s a nice looking design, like I said already.

The right logo for your company should pass the following tests.

1. A good logo has the right personality.

There’s no thumb rule that says that a kids brand must use bright colors and a kiddish font in their logo. But, it makes sense because kids are attracted to those things. Again, every bright color and kids font doesn’t guarantee success. To be a better judge of good and bad logos, it’s best to look at some of the best logos of all time. Take a look at the world’s best logos. These are the logos of some of the best businesses around the world and have stood the test of time. One thing common in all of them is that they all are simple and convey a subtle idea through genius graphic design.

2. Good logo design is adaptable, flexible & scale-able.

Adaptable to different media viz web, print, video etc. Flexible in terms of space available. It should be legible on a small business card and a giant billboard. It’s great if the logo elements can be re-adjusted to fit better on a landscape, portrait and square surface.

3. A logo should work fine in black & white.

This is the ultimate acid-test for any logo. A great logo does not lose its charm and meaning if you take away the colors, shades and shadows. Sure, technology has come a long way and color can be reproduced almost everywhere, but a logo design that depends heavily on colors, shadows and outlines is a weak logo and cannot be trusted to perform in the long run. Especially if you dream of building a giant brand.

4. A logo must have a story.

If not tell it, a logo must have a story. Every element in your logo design should be there for a reason. If a design element can be removed from a logo without taking away anything from its meaning, it should be removed right away.

5. Finally, your logo should be designed specially for You!

A stock logo is a stock logo is a stock logo. It was not created with you or your business in mind. It was created because some graphic designer in some corner of the world needed to be paid money. A logo designed for you, keeping in mind your location, size, target audience, your vision and dozens of other factors is bound to be more efficient and apt for your business.

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